Sunday, September 5, 2010

Executive Summary of Feasibility Study Report

“Copies of a summary of the Episcopal Church Foundation Feasibility Study Report are available in the parish office and in the parish hall/undercroft. The summary consists of excerpts of the key findings made by the Episcopal Church Foundation concerning the proposed capital campaign.” That was the announcement at the bottom of the page in today’s bulletin. That summary, and the report it summarizes, are still not on the church’s Web site, but you can read the summary here and the full report here.

As explained in the summary itself, the document “is taken from the ECF report without editorial comment.” This was a wise decision, though, as I noted in “The Episcopal Church Foundation Feasibility Study Report,” the foundation went out of its way to mitigate the sting of its conclusions. Those excuses are reproduced in the executive summary as item 4 under “Concerns.”

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