Friday, September 17, 2010

Outreach Dinner Tonight

I happened into the kitchen at St. Paul’s last night and discovered cooks hard at work preparing for tonight’s outreach fundraiser dinner. A large box of tomatoes sat on the counter, Jim Stafford was chopping onions, and a cookbook was open to a gazpacho recipe. I really hadn’t intended to attend this event, but gazpacho is one of my favorite dishes, so I probably will change my mind. The theme of the event is Buy Fresh, Buy Local. The buffet will be served between 6 and 8 PM in the undercroft.

I checked for details of this event on the St. Paul’s Web site, but they were nowhere to be found. Using the search box, I entered “outreach.” The search yielded three results, cryptically, under the legend “Enter 468x60 Ad Code Here”: announcements from April and August and the Vestry list. Sad to say, our Web site is not only not welcoming, it is almost completely useless.

If you are on St. Paul’s e-mail list, you did get an announcement about the dinner in your inbox yesterday. In case you are not on that list, here is that announcement in full:
St. Paul's Outreach Commission invites you to a buffet dinner this Friday, September 17 to raise funds for local outreach projects. The theme for the dinner will be Buy fresh, Buy Local to showcase local nutritious fresh foods in this harvest season. We will celebrate PA's tradition of farming and feature many local products, including meats, vegetables and fruits. Please come to the dinner from 6-8 p.m. Tickets for the dinner will be $9 for adults and teens and $5 for children 5-12. Tickets will be available at the door. Please email Pat Eagon Stafford ( to let her know how many are coming. Beer will be available, along with wine. In addition, raffle tickets will be available at $2 or 3/$5 for the Anti-Cancer Cookbook, written by ca [sic] local author, Dr. Julia Greer.

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