Thursday, September 23, 2010

Storm Damage

A major thunderstorm hit Mt. Lebanon around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, and damage from wind and lightning was widespread. Today, Mt. Lebanon schools are closed, some residents are still without power, and residents have been advised to stay home.

St. Paul’s suffered some damage, but, as many homeowners could tell you, it could have been worse. Most significantly, the tree in front of the church that is a memorial to Rob Douglas suffered major damage, as can be seen in the photo below (inset shows dedicatory plaque at the base of the tree):

Damaged tree
The damage seems to be from wind, rather than lightning, but I am not an arborist. Moreover, it is not clear to me whether the tree can be saved. The falling branch took out a small branch or two from the nearby tree, but that damage is minimal.

There was some debris in the parking lot, but no major damage was evident. Also, there were a few branches down in the front lawn next to the adjacent house, but this damage seems minor as well:

Branches down

Update, 7 PM: I’m at church for choir rehearsal, and I can report that the tree has been reduced to a rather tall stump.

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