Monday, May 28, 2012

Pentecost at St. David’s

The choir wasn’t singing at Trinity Cathedral yesterday, which gave me an opportunity to attend St. David’s, Peters Township, on its first Sunday as a restored Episcopal parish. Kris McInnes did a fine job explaining the arrangements that had been made for the parish and leading two services at the East McMurray Road church. I wrote a more complete report on my other blog, which you can read here.

St. David’s
St. David’s. The new church is at the right. Click for larger image.

Monday, May 21, 2012

St. Paul’s-St. David’s Partnership

St. Paul’s has done a fine job of informing parishioners about the partnership it has formed with St. David’s Episcopal Church. Many members of our own parish once attended the Peters Township church and were saddened to see it run off the rails over the years, removing itself finally from The Episcopal Church to join Bob Duncan’s Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

There had been much speculation as to what would happen to the St. David’s property when it was returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, and I was delighted to learn that a core group of parishioners was interested in the church’s being restored to being an Episcopal parish. The partnership with St. Paul’s solves the problem of providing clergy support for the returning congregation.

Peters Patch today published a nice article about the St. Paul’s-St. David’s partnership. I recommend it. You can read it here.

Where Has Lionel Been?

Readers have no doubt noticed that I haven’t written anything on this blog lately. I apologize both for the lack of communication and lack of explanation. Although I have not left St. Paul’s, I have been attending Trinity Cathedral and singing in their choir for the past few months. I’ve done so to support the congregation that was greatly diminished by the departure of parishioners after the chapter decided that Trinity would no longer be the cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. I don’t know that anyone has done what I have done, but people from other churches, including St. Paul’s, occasionally show up at Trinity on Sunday morning. Two parishes, All Saints’, Bridgeville, and All Saints’, Brighton Heights, have visited the cathedral as a parish. (This might be impractical for St. Paul’s, but, if it happened, it would be dramatic.)

Being away from St. Paul’s most of the time, I have less material to write about on this blog. Another excuse for writing less here, however, is that I wrote extensively on my personal blog about the candidates to be the next Bishop of Pittsburgh, an excuse I will not have in the future.

Anyway, I will write on this blog when I think I have something useful to say. Meanwhile, I recommend your reading my personal blog, Lionel Deimel’s Web Log, and the Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh blog focusing on The Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh Update. The latter is updated with news items every Monday evening.