Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vestry Changes

Nick Hays
Nick Hays
I received the weekly electronic newsletter from St. Paul’s earlier today. I thought I might perhaps see notice that Vestry member Nick Hays is moving out of the area and has therefore resigned from the Vestry. Alas, the church seems not to go out of its way to announce such things to parishioners, and, as far as I know, nothing has been said about the personnel change. My understanding is that Ann McStay, who recently ran for Vestry and lost, is replacing Nick.

Before writing this, I checked the St. Paul’s Web site to see who was listed as being on the Vestry. There are 11 people shown. Nick is not there, but neither is Ann. I also noticed that Mark Vito is senior warden. (Was this announced publicly?) Surely this is ironic. In the candidate forums, Mark advocated for voting for Bob Johnston, so he could again be senior warden. Anyway, I think it best for the parish and for senior wardens to change wardens every year.

I wish Mark, Ann, and the Vestry well.