Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ultreya Today

Last week, I was in Myrtle Beach representing Pittsburgh at the 2010 National Episcopal Chursillo Conference. When the diocese split in 2008, the Cursillo movement in Pittsburgh was led largely by supporters of the recently deposed Bishop Bob Duncan. The split left the Episcopal diocese without a Web site, without leaders, without material, and with a Cursillo community that had been disheartened by the ideological turn the Pittsburgh Episcopal Cursillo had taken in the years prior to the vote to join the Southern Cone.

Thanks largely to the organizing efforts of former Standing Committee member Celinda Scott, Pittsburgh Cursillistas are organizing to bring a healthy movement back to the Pittsburgh diocese. Celinda is a parishioner of Christ Church, Indiana.

Today, October 7, our fledgling Cursillo group is offering an Ultreya, beginning at 4 PM at Church of the Nativity in Crafton. Details are available on the diocesan Web site. I will be talking about what I learned in Myrtle Beach and what it means to us as we go forward. I urge all Cursillistas from St. Paul’s to come. Bring your friends, even if they have never attended a Cursillo weekend. See you there!

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