Friday, November 5, 2010

Truth from the Other Side

The Rev. David Wilson and I have had more than our share of differences. He was very much involved in shaping the diocesan resolutions that eventual saw much of the diocese depart for the Southern Cone. David, on his new blog, describes himself as “Senior pastor of St David’s Anglican Church (ACNA) Peters Township PA.” I don’t think “senior pastor” is a particularly Anglican title, but no matter.

Anyway, David has a letter in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

About congregation

I read with interest and affection Ann Rodgers’ article “Episcopalians Calm in Rough Sea” (Oct. 15) on the gathering of the Episcopalians in convention on October 15-16. I was heartened to read Bishop Ken Price’s encouraging words concerning his relationship with Archbishop Robert Duncan and the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. I would contend that the facts about the composition of the new gathering in South Fayette, All Saints, are a bit inaccurate.

The article states the congregation “was formed in 2009, largely from people who wanted to remain Episcopalians after their former parishes left the denomination.” I would contend the congregation was formed largely from members of St. Paul’s Church in Mt. Lebanon for various and sundry reasons, none of which had to do with leaving the denomination.

The majority of the congregation continues to be composed of former members of St. Paul’s. Note also, the pastor of All Saints, the Rev. Richard Pollard, is a former staff member of St. Paul’s. Nonetheless, best wishes for success are extended to the clergy and people of All Saints.

St. David’s Anglican Church

I have to say that, when I read Ann Rodgers’ article, I had the same surprised reaction as David. The characterization of Dick Pollard’s church was flattering to the Episcopal diocese, but not really true, at least based on what I knew. What may be true is that Dick gathered some parishioners who might otherwise have jumped ship and joined the ACNA diocese. In any case, my understanding is that a majority of members of the new vestry are former members of St. Paul’s. One cannot verify this from the church’s Web site, however, as it is—as I am writing this, at any rate—woefully out of date.

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