Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Progress on the Steps

When I passed by St. Paul’s Monday, I noticed that work was actually being done on the steps to the narthex. Here is a picture I took of the work late Monday afternoon (click for a larger image):

Reconstructing the steps
Lou was in his office, and he explained what no one thought to explain to parishioners. Two contractors bid on the work, but the low bidder kept giving excuses for not beginning the project. As it turns out, the contractor did not do the demolition work; Vladimir did. We finally gave up on that contractor and managed to convince the other bidder to do the job at the lower price. (That was a good outcome!)

I passed by again this afternoon and saw that forms for the steps were in place. Men were working on the site. We should be able to use the narthex door to Mayfair Drive soon.

I still question the wisdom of what we are doing. Various proposals have been made to create handicapped access to the narthex, but the current work is pretty much replacing what we used to have. I also argued that the new steps should be limestone, rather than concrete. The new steps will be concrete, however.

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