Monday, November 15, 2010

A Personal Note

This may not seem like especially pertinent information just now, but it may be seen as important later. At some point, I expect that we will be talking about the proposed Anglican Covenant at St. Paul’s and whether The Episcopal Church should adopt it.

My answer is unequivocally that we should not. I am the American convenor for the new No Anglican Covenant Coalition, which has a new Web site and an even newer blog. (The Coalition is also on Facebook and Twitter.) If you want to know more about the Covenant and why many think its adoption would be a mistake, you should spend some time at the No Anglican Covenant Web site. The About page explains what the Coalition is trying to do and lists who we are. The Background page offers an introduction to the covenant, a timeline, and a table showing what Anglican churches have done with the Covenant so far. The Resources page contains links to commentary on the Covenant, as well as links to official church documents, including the Covenant itself.

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