Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fulfilling the Vision, Part 7

My sixth post on Fulfilling the Vision is here.
I was surprised in church today when Lou suggested that the projects in the proposed Fulfilling the Vision package are all of a piece, relating to one as an integrated whole. Grab bagThis notion was a surprise to me and surely was to others, if they were paying attention.

The collection of projects appears to me to be a grab bag of everything anyone could dream up last year when people were brainstorming about what St. Paul’s could do. If all the pieces of Fulfilling the Vision are related, it isn’t obvious, and no one hitherto has made the case that they are. Why, for example, would Fulfilling the Vision be any less coherent if it contained no money for the endowment? for air conditioning? for the Blessed Mustard Seed Babies Home? I have no idea.

Many parishioners clearly think that the price tag on Fulfilling the Vision is too big. If the package is being offered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, it is likely that the entire project will be rejected.

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