Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Musician Hired

In an e-mail message to members of the choir Wednesday, Doug Starr announced that Bryan Sable has been hired by St. Paul’s as musical assistant. He begins work next week. Bryan’s principal responsibility will center around the forthcoming Refuge service (see earlier post here). Apparently, however, he will also help with the 10:30 service. Doug reports that Sable will resurrect the Canterbury (children’s) Choir, which will occasionally sing at the 10:30 service. Doug told choir members that more information about Sable will be available in a forthcoming issue of The Messenger, presumably the September issue.

Doug’s e-mail also contained information about forthcoming events, including a performance of Bach Cantata 29 on November 14. Unfortunately, the St. Paul’s Web site doesn’t seem to have any information about music at the church, which is rather odd for a church with a serious music program. Friends of Music does have a Facebook page, but, like most Facebook pages, it isn’t designed for quickly conveying useful information.

I was happy to see that the weekly e-mail from St. Paul’s also announced the addition of Bryan Sable to the staff. (You can see that e-mail message here. Look under “Worship and Music” for “Music Notes.”)

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