Sunday, February 6, 2011

Status Report

It has been a big week for diocesan news. As I observed a few days ago—see “Lots of Diocesan News”—our own diocese cut a deal with a breakaway church that will become independent of both the Episcopal and Anglican dioceses. And, of course, the Commonwealth Court rejected the appeal from the Anglican diocese to the decision that awarded diocesan property to our diocese.

This blog is reserved for concerns about our parish, but, since parishioners should be interested in our diocese as well, I wanted to mention two other pages you might like to visit on the Web. Our diocese sent out an e-mail message explaining the week’s events. You can read that here. If you subscribe to the diocese’s weekly electronic newsletter, you should have already seen this. If you are not subscribed, you may want to do so. Just go to the diocese’s Web site and look for the place to enter your subscription to “Grace Happens” under Featured Parishes on the right side of the page.

On my own blog, Lionel Deimel’s Web Log, I have written an essay about how Archbishop Duncan’s diocese is reacting. You can read “Why Bother?” here.

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