Thursday, February 17, 2011

Questions for the Treasurer

St. Paul’s Finances
"Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about St. Paul’s Finances, But Were Afraid to Ask" led by Treasurer Bob Johnston, will be held on Sunday, February 20 during the 9:40 adult formation time in the back of the Parish Hall/Undercroft. Please join Bob for this question and answer session about our parish budget and finances.
The above announcement has appeared in a variety of places. The session presumably is intended to compensate for the lack of such a session prior to the annual meeting and to the suppression of questions at the annual meeting from which the treasurer was absent. I am delighted that the session has been scheduled, though I have my doubts that the allotted time for the meeting is sufficient. Also, I am not happy that I have to miss rehearsal with the choir to attend the meeting. (Sorry, Doug.)

I had a long list of questions I was not allowed to ask at the annual meeting—see “Questions for the Annual Meeting”—most of which are financial. I hope to get answers to those financial questions on Sunday. I have some additional questions I will list here. I invite others to suggest issues I may have missed.

New questions:
  1. In the past year, St. Paul’s made several requests for reduced parish assessment. What was the basis of these requests? How much of a reduction was requested, and how much was granted? Are additional requests for reductions anticipated? If so, on what basis?
  2. A diocesan newsletter this past week contained this item: “The Growth Fund also approved a request from St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon, for a restructuring of its debt.” Can you explain?
  3. In the monthly financial statement in The Messenger, a large expense is “Outreach.” My understanding is the the major part of this is our diocesan assessment. Please list all items that make up the Outreach figure and justify their inclusion in the category.
  4. Please provide a complete breakout of “Total Personnel Commission,” which, after all, is the largest piece of St. Paul’s’ budget.
N.B. I have made Bob Johnston aware of these and earlier questions.

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