Friday, February 6, 2015

Why Can’t I Get My Messenger Sooner

I received my copy of The Messenger today. No doubt, I would have received it in the mail earlier were I still living near St. Paul’s. The real question, however, is not how I can get it faster through the mail, but why is the parish newsletter not available on the Web. The Messenger used to appear on the parish Web site, but it hasn’t done so for a very long time. Moreover, I don’t remember having ever been given the option of receiving my newsletter as a PDF file via e-mail. Many smaller, seemingly less sophisticated churches offer one or both of those options. Why not St. Paul’s? Not only could this be more convenient for parishioners, but it could also save the church money on postage. The effort on the part of the staff would be minimal.

Welcoming perhaps, but not helpful

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