Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where Are the Vestry Minutes?

We’re now a week away from hearing from Vestry candidates and two weeks away from voting for four new Vestry members. Unfortunately, it has become harder and harder to find out just what the Vestry is doing. In times past, The Messenger carried highlights of Vestry actions, and, also in the past, the newsletter was available on the parish Web site. Both traditions are no more.

I’m sure that few parishioners know about it, but Vestry minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside the church office. This is another tradition that seems to have fallen by the wayside. The most recent Vestry minutes posted there are from July 2014. I am assured, however, that the Vestry has continued to meet since last summer.

Apparently, church leaders don’t think it important that parishioners know what the Vestry is up to, and parishioners have given no reason for them to think otherwise.

How do we select among Vestry candidates if we have no idea what the Vestry has been up to?

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