Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where is The Messenger

May 2011 newsletter
Most recent newsletter on the Web
I had reason to look at back copies of our newsletter, The Messenger, the other day. I do not save my copies on the theory that I can always go to the church Web site to read older issues.

To my surprise, the current issue of the newsletter (i.e., the September issue) is not on-line. More surprisingly, the June, July, and August issues were also missing in action.

Why can’t our Web site be more helpful and more up-to-date?

By the way, it’s possible that some parishioners visiting the Web site may have a hard time finding any issues of The Messenger at all. There is no obvious link to the newsletter page on the site’s home page. One has to click on the About tab at the top of the page to find a link to copies of the newsletter.

And one more thing. (This is something I have to think about as the Webmaster of a number of Web sites.) The footer at the bottom of pages on the St. Paul’s Web site carries a 2010 copyright date, yet another indication that the site is updated only fitfully.

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