Saturday, September 3, 2011

News and Comment on the Bishop Search

Profile cover
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has recently published its Diocesan Profile, a kind of recruiting brochure—one of nearly 30 pages in this instance—for potential bishops. I wrote a brief post about it on my blog when it was first released and wrote a more extended reflection on it a day later. All interested Pittsburgh Episcopalians should read the profile.

My post on the Profile led to a dialogue with several people, but especially with the Rev. Bruce Robison, rector of St. Andrew’s, Highland Park. Together, we developed the idea for a blog to allow people in the diocese to discuss the diocese and the search for a new bishop. I explain this in my post “Our Pittsburgh Diocese.”

That blog is now active and, as I write this, has a single introductory post. The blog home page can be found at Bruce and I will be writing essays for the blog—anyone can comment on posts, of course—but we hope that most essays will be submitted by the clergy and laypeople of the diocese. Why not join in the conversation?

You can influence the search process even more directly by submitting the name of a possible candidate. A form for submission can be found on the diocesan Web site here. The process is exceedingly simple.

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