Sunday, June 19, 2011

Room Numbers

We don’t use room numbers much at St. Paul’s. We talk about Kris’s office or the lounge or the conference room. Nonetheless, rooms do have numbers. In fact, most rooms seem to have two numbers. The pictures below illustrate the problem (click for a larger view):

Room numbers at St. Paul’s
The communications office is Room 21, or is it 214? The sixth grade Sunday School room is Room 32, or is it 309? The room that houses John Thomas and Sandy Ritchie is 26/225. Apparently, these two staff members don’t even rate a new door sign. I don’t know if Kids Word (or is it Kid’s Word or Kids’ Word?) meets in this room or not. (Aside: Today’s bulletin mentions child care and busy bags but says nothing about Kids Word. Is this a glitch in our welcoming program?)

Anyway, shouldn’t we give each room a single number? Mostly, we simply have to remove the old brass numbers from the doors. In some cases, we may need to update signs. Why hasn’t anyone attended to this problem, which has been with us for years?

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