Monday, January 31, 2011

Today’s Parish E-mails

I was pleased to get the timely e-mail notice from St. Paul’s today announcing the name of the new senior warden and Vestry election winners. (It was not a surprise that the four people running for four positions were all elected, of course.)

I was a bit surprised that Carl Kylander has been named as the new senior warden, not because of any lack of faith in Carl, but because he is often out of town on business. (Apparently, that is why, when he was junior warden last year, we also had an assistant junior warden.) Perhaps this really isn’t a problem, however. Whereas the junior warden often needs to be on-site to deal with building issues, the senior warden functions more in a consulting role, something that can be done by telephone, e-mail, or other electronic communications.

I had just finished reading the aforementioned e-mail message when another missive from St. Paul’s showed up in my inbox. This message, once again, was dealing with foul weather problems. I thought this message was actually rather clever—St. Paul’s will simply follow whatever policy is implemented by the Mt. Lebanon School District. But, it would have been helpful to have mentioned in the message where to find the decision made by Mt. Lebanon Schools. Not all Mt. Lebanon residents and few non-residents are used to checking whether the Mt. Lebanon schools are open, closed, or opening late.

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