Friday, January 7, 2011


Reprint Convenient as it is to access material on the Web, there are times when you really want to read something on paper or you want to give a paper copy of something to a friend. You can always print from a browser, of course, but the results are often unsatisfactory; unwanted material may be included, page breaks may be unfortunate, and the targets of links may be lost on the printed page. Even sites that automatically reformat text for printing may produce documents that are sorely in need of a bit of human editing.

The occasional need for reprints of blog posts led me to develop a template for the purpose, which I am trying out using my last post, “Some Stewardship Thoughts.” It takes but a few minutes to convert a blog post into a reprint using this template. See what you think.

You can find the reprint of “Some Stewardship Thoughts” here. If you read this document on-line, you can follow all the links in the original post. If you print the document on paper, the URLs that are targets of links can still be read.

If you would like a reprint of blog post, let me know, and I will try to accommodate your request.

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