Monday, May 10, 2010

Believe Concert Wednesday

The vocal group Believe (see picture) is presenting a concert at on Wednesday, May 12, 2012, at Christ United Methodist Church. Perhaps you will recognize Rich Williams, a tenor in the St. Paul’s Chancel Choir and an occasional soloist in our church. BelieveBelieve (well, most of it, anyway) has sung at one of the evening musical programs at St. Paul’s. The group, and its repertoire is a bit hard to characterize. Suffice it to say that they sing some barbershop, but they are not a barbershop group. They are, however, a lot of fun.

Here is Rich’s description of the concert:
As usual, we’re singing a wide variety of music. There’s something for everyone, including traditional barbershop, spirituals, patriotic anthems, sacred choral gems, and some just plain silliness. One of my favorites is a piece called “Lambscapes,” which uses four distinctly different musical styles to portray the story of Mary and her Little Lamb (plus we added a bit of choreography to really keep things fun). I dare you watch and listen to this and keep a straight face!
Believe will be accompanied on by piano by Debbie Schneider. Christ United Methodist Church is above the Bethel Park Giant Eagle at 44 Highland Road. The concert starts at 7 PM.

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