Monday, July 29, 2013

Air Conditioning Side Effects?

My seat in the choir puts me behind the organ console. This limits what I can see of the church. What I can see well are the lamps on or hanging from the ceiling, as well as lamps on the roof trusses.

Yesterday, I noticed something I had never seen before, namely significant swinging of the nave lanterns. Three of the lanterns on the font side of the church exhibited very conspicuous swinging, and two others swung almost imperceptibly. The movement was not constant, however; it came and went. I cannot say that the swinging was synchronized with the cycling of the air conditioning, but I suspect that it might be. Curiously, I saw no such motion on the pulpit side of the church, even though the church (and the air conditioning vents) are symmetrical.

The motion does not seem dangerous, though it is a bit distracting, at least if you’re trapped behind the organ console. Do you suppose the new air conditioning is responsible?

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Victor John said...

Yes, it is possible for an air conditioner to make you sick! But the culprit here is not your air conditioner, fortunately. The cold air coming from your AC or the unit itself is not inherently making you sick. The reasons for your trouble are the side effects of air conditioning! This means that your HVAC unit is interacting with the environment to produce a favorable environment for certain health issues.