Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Earth and All Stars” Revisited

Last Sunday, we sang “Earth and All Stars” (Hymn #412) at the 10:45 service. Some love this self-conscientiously “modern” hymn that was written for St. Olaf’s College. Others loathe it. I am in the second category. The tune, however, isn’t at all bad. Frustrated that we sing “Earth and All Stars” much too often—at all, in fact—I decided to offer a different text for the tune, keeping at least some of the ideas behind the existing hymn.

I have added my hymn, which I call “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation” to my Web site here. On that page, you can all listen to a rendition of “Earth and All Stars” and find links to my blog posts about that hymn and mine.

Comments on my latest effort at hymn-writing effort would be greatly appreciated.

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