Sunday, January 27, 2013


It was cold this morning when I left for church. When I arrived, I took off my parka and placed it on a hanger in the cloakroom off the undercroft. The cloakroom is a truly unwelcoming place. The overhead light was switched off, the shelf, which should be available for hats, books, or packages that people may have brought with them, was largely being used for storage space. Even much of the area below the coat rack was taken up with a miscellaneous collection of stuff that, apparently, no one could find a better place for.

The state of our cloakroom is usually, as it was today, a disgrace. Can we not do a better job of providing a convenient and pleasant place for visitors to hang their coats and park their hats and other belongings?

St. Paul’s Cloakroom this morning
(Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.
My cellphone camera doesn’t have flash.)

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