Monday, November 7, 2011

Diocesan Convention

The 146th annual convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh was held at Christ Church, North Hills, this past weekend. The convention ran smoothly and was largely unremarkable. (My report on the convention can be read on my blog, Lionel Deimel’s Web Log. If you are interested in what was being voted on, you may want to read the Pre-Convention Journal as well.)

For the benefit of St. Paul’s parishioners, I should mention the St. Paul’s people who were elected to various positions. Lou, who has already served one term on the Committee on Constitution and Canons, was re-elected to a clergy position. He was unopposed, an indication that most of the urgent governing issues that needed attention following the October 2008 schism have been taken care of.

St. Paul’s used to be in District 5. It is now in District 3, reflecting the realignment required after the diocese became suddenly smaller. It is to be hoped that districts will again become important mechanism for consultation and fellowship in the diocese, but District 3 has a long way to go in that department. The district continues to be dominated by its largest parish—ours. Jon Delano was re-elected district chair, and Kris McInnes was re-elected vice-chair. Our representative to Diocesan Council, a position of some importance, has been held by Bob Johnston. His term ends this year, however, and Bob was quick to nominate someone else, Jeff Dunbar, to take his place. Jeff was elected without opposition.

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