Friday, October 14, 2011

A Nice Publicity Effort

October 5, 2011, story
St. Paul’s does not always do a good job of getting publicity in local media for its programs and events. The church got a nice story placed in The Almanac about the events this weekend regarding our 175th anniversary, however.

The story that appeared in the October 5 issue of The Almanac is shown at right. It describes the events of the upcoming weekend, provides a brief history of the church, mentions projects proposed to be financed by the capital campaign, and includes a picture from the 1930s. (Notice that there is no railing on the front steps, no lamps on either side of the front door, and no brass plaque. The photo seems to have been narrowed to fit the column.)

Not all the facts in the article are well known to parishioners. This paragraph, for example, was particularly interesting:
St. Paul’s celebrated its 1924 Christmas services in the auditorium of Washington School. During the following year, with funds from the sale of its former property and funds from the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsblirgh, St. Paul’s (now designated St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon) was able to purchase land at Vernon Drive and Washington Road for a sum of $17,500. A few years later, however, they sold that property. They purchased land at the corner of Washington Road and Mayfair Drive and hired the architectural firm of Ingham & Boyd.
The story is very good publicity for St. Paul’s.

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