Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lighting Yet Again

LightbulbThe non-functioning lantern in the church has still not been repaired. (See my earlier post here.) Vladimir told me today that he thinks an electrician is going to be called this week.

I asked Vestry member Jeff Dunbar about the lantern. Jeff explained that there was some confusion at the last Vestry meeting as to whether the lantern (or whatever is the problem) had been fixed or not. I don’t quite understand how the junior warden could be confused about such a matter, but the situation is what it is.

I also noticed today that two lamps, a downlight on the ceiling and a spotlight on a roof truss, are out. The spotlight, as well as some other spotlights, have not been used of late because the fixtures are not aimed properly. (One shines in Doug Starr’s eyes when he’s at the organ console, for example.) I hope these problems will be taken care of as well next week, but I don’t have high hopes.

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