Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dark Day for Kenyon Concert

Actually, the concert by the Kenyon College Chamber Singers, under the direction of Benjamin Locke, was fabulous! If you missed it, you should be very regretful.

It was a rainy night, however, and not only were the parking lot stripes that are supposed to define parking places impossible to discern—see “Parking Lot”—but the two lamps on the back of the building that are supposed to light the lot were unlit. (They were not on when I attended choir rehearsal on Thursday, either.) When I returned to my car after the concert, the parking lot was still dark, and it struck me as slightly dangerous trying to walk to my car through the traffic. I don’t know what’s wrong with the lamps for the parking lot, but, whatever it is, we had better take care of it before the darkness causes an accident.

Alas, the concert was rather dark as well. No one seems to know how to use the lighting system in the church anymore. Not only didn’t we change the lighting before, during, and after the concert, but the side aisles were dark, and the spots that should have been on the chorus were off. It didn’t ruin the concert, but it would have been fun to be able to see the singers more clearly.

By the way, the chorus sang everything a capella and without music. Very impressive!

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