Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Have All the Acolytes Gone?

I was disappointed that we had only three acolytes at the 10:30 service today. Steve, who is suppose to be managing acolytes, filled in as a acolyte himself today. A few weeks ago, we had only one acolyte—two if you count Steve. That Sunday, as the first person in the choir procession in the south aisle, I had no acolyte to lead me into the church. That meant I had to pay attention both to my hymnal and to the procession in the north transept, so that everyone would arrive at the back of the nave at the same time.

I have complained about the lack of acolytes in the past. (See “Sunday Discontents.”) Participation continues to deteriorate, however. Somehow, it was must better in the past, when we have a volunteer acolyte master (or masters). We used to have at least six acolytes every Sunday. On each side of the church, the procession was led by a crucifer, torch bearer, and flag bearer. I cannot remember when we last had six acolytes for a service.

Where have all the acolytes gone?

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