Friday, October 1, 2010

Richard Davies Retiring (Really!)

The Rev. Canon Richard W. DaviesThe Rev. Canon Richard W. Davies, who has been a fixture at St. Paul’s for more than two decades, is actually retiring. It is no secret that Canon Davies has had a number of health problems recently, and, a few weeks ago, he collapsed after a Wednesday service and had to be taken to the hospital.

St. Paul’s has been the beneficiary of the labors of a number of priests like Canon Davies, who, though retired, have worked tirelessly for St. Paul’s for paltry wages or less. Few priests of any sort have been associated with our parish as long as Canon Davies, who will have been a priest for 55 years in December.

Canon Davies informed the rector of his decision to retire for real about two weeks ago. Why parishioners have not been told of this decision, I don’t know. When I read the parish e-mail newsletter this week, however, and it said nothing of this development, I thought it was time that everyone know that we are losing a valuable and beloved member of the St. Paul’s staff.

Canon Davies is a modest man and, no doubt, does not want us to make too much of a fuss over his retirement. He deserves a comfortable retirement and a good sendoff, however. I hope that he and his wife Doris will indeed enjoy retirement, but I hope we will still see them at St. Paul’s with some regularity.

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