Sunday, June 13, 2010


Cursillo musiciansThe picture at the left was taken at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Johnstown yesterday afternoon. The occasion was an Ultreya, the first public program sponsored by a diocesan group intent on reviving the Cursillo movement in our diocese. The Ultreya was announced on the diocesan Web site and in the diocesan e-mail newsletter, but only 25 or so people showed up.

When the diocese split in 2008, most Cursillo leaders left The Episcopal Church. In recent years, Bishop Robert Duncan had strongly supported Pittsburgh Episcopal Cursillo, which, in turn, strongly supported its sponsor. Over time, fewer Cursillistas of moderate to liberal persuasion took part in Cursillo activities or sponsored candidates for Cursillo weekends.

There are many Cursillistas at St. Paul’s, and I apologize for not making a special effort to tell them about yesterday’s event. It would have been nice to have had people with whom to carpool for the trip to Johnstown.

If you’re interested in helping to renew a less theologically narrow Cursillo in the diocese, let me know.

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